Congratulations on the start of your journey to healing yourself of uterine fibroids, naturally. I am honored that you have chosen to visit my site along the way. If you are reading this, you are probably innately aware of the fact that surgery is not the only option to eliminate fibroids.

You are right.

I am a walking testament to this fact. Just a few, recent years back, I was where you may very well find yourself today.. sitting, bewildered in the doctor’s office -wondering how I ended up here.. heavy bleeding, painful, non-stop menstruation.. back pain, anemia-the list goes on and on. Even then, after being told surgery was my only option, there still existed a small, contrary spark.

That spark became my motivation. It was my light during two years of darkness as I experimented with various natural approaches to healing myself of this very common, yet inconveniencing medical issue.

That spark is now a book. A book in which I am currently in process of compiling exactly what I did, trial and error, that ultimately led to my success in healing myself naturally of uterine fibroids. I am excited that what started as a spark has now taken off into a beautiful, bright, healing bonfire upon which I now invite you to share a seat with me.

In harmonious health,

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