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Work directly with me and learn how to create a plan of action (JUST FOR YOU) to naturally eliminate uterine fibroids.

Learn how to best support your body’s own natural healing abilities to shrink fibroids.

Learn from a woman who has been through what you may be experiencing now.

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Operation Fibroid Freedom

Freedom from fibroids through no operation at all.


Dear Goddess,

I remember when I was first diagnosed with uterine fibroids. It was a beautiful sunny day in May just like any other. I was busy running my plethora of errands, hurrying to get into my car and head out to a rehearsal with my band across town that morning. The warmth of the sunshine, and sparkle off of my vehicle led me to believe that this day would be just like any other. So I quickly threw my salad I had prepped and packed onto the backseat of my car for a long day of music making, into my backseat and hurried out of my driveway into the suburban traffic.

I turned on my favorite hip hop station, and hit the accelerator on my way to the highway when, suddenly I felt a rush that I’d never felt before flow out underneath my thighs.

What was that? I thought.. hmmm this is probably just a weird random sensation that won’t happen again. As I pondered whether to turn around or not -suddenly a warm wave exited from my body and covered my entire bottom half. No longer confused, and without hesitation, I hurriedly turned my car around and rushed home to discover a huge, horrifying discovery…

I had bled through my clothes.

Humiliation, (even though no one saw) fear, a profound sense of helplessness filled my psyche. I didn’t know what was going on..

Horrified, I called my mother and she warned me to call a doctor and set an appointment asap. I booked my appointment, had an ultrasound and my fears were confirmed.

That day would unknowingly lead me down a journey into the dense, dark forest of dis-ease, that is uterine fibroids.

Thankfully, my story has a happy ending. You see, in the midst of the fibroid forest, I unearthed a sparkling jewel. That jewel led to discovery of other jewels and gems, that I consider my own personal successes that led to me becoming fibroid free 100% Naturally!

I made a personal vow that -WHEN I successfully learned how to shrink fibroids naturally, I would share my knowledge to assist other Goddesses, and help them OUT of the deep, dark diagnosis of uterine fibroids.

This is my purpose for speaking to you now. I now know part of my purpose is to equip you, my feminine warrior with the knowledge necessary to shrink uterine fibroids naturally.

  • Do you want to know how to build your OWN solid Natural Fibroid Elimination Plan?
  • Would you like, a protocol with steps that are optimized to hit your goal, getting you results with balancing your hormones?
  • Does boosting your fertility, and understanding how to harness the power of your divine Goddess energy interest you?

STOP existing in fear, and misunderstanding when it comes to what uterine fibroids are and let me assist you in activating your OWN powers for expelling them from your womb -and LIFE.


Welcome to your sign, Queen. You know, the sign you’ve been subconsciously awaiting to confirm your innerstanding, that hunch -or inclination- to believe that there is another option instead of having an invasive surgical procedure to remove fibroids from your temple.

I invite you to Sign Up for My Private  Fibroid Coaching Plan-

Become a Womb Warrior, Sign Up for my 1-on-1 Private Fibroid Elimination Coaching, and  get knowledge and instruction from a woman who has been IN YOUR SHOES. -Not theory, based on surveys, polls, and anonymous random research gathering.

More on my Fibroid Coaching Plan-

By Signing up for my 90 Day 1-on-1 Natural Fibroid Elimination Coaching Program:

You will learn directly from me, what Herbs and Supplements work best to deliver the maximum results for your efforts. My private coaching, involves ONLY the best practices that I personally used to heal my own womb and bring harmony back to my body.

Learn How to Use Powerful Herbs and Supplements from Mother Nature to  Build your own Toolkit to Shrink Fibroids Naturally. These are the tools you will use to BUILD your OWN set of Fibroid Elimination Action Steps and manifest fibroid elimination

  1. Weekly 1-on-1  / 1 hour Skype of Phone session (12 weeks total) – to Deliver Key Instruction and Answer any questions regarding my fibroid elimination protocols, and your organic developments as you move through the program
  2. All of my successful Detox Fundamentals to Shrink Fibroids and Balance Hormones
  3. Powerful Laser-focused Protocol of additional Natural Methods to Apply into your Lifestyle to cultivate fibroid shrinking processes in your body
  4. How to Maximize plant-based eating to shrink fibroids
  5. Regular weekly attention to areas rarely discussed that directly relate to natural fibroid elimination
  6. How to exercise to maximize your body’s ability to heal
  7. Bonus instruction, and insight regarding energy, your divine feminine, self-care, mindset shifts to position yourself to start shrinking.
  8. 24 hour access to me via email, for guidance, or to answer your questions as they arise on your fibroid shrinking journey

My Jewels are YOUR Tools (what you Get) the EXTRAS:

  • I will also, initiate and empower you into the art of embodying the Divine Wombman you were originally created to be.
  • Gain Fundamental Understanding: You’ll learn the wholistic approach to constructing a solid, well-rounded Natural Fibroid Elimination Protocol that covers ALL the necessary areas of essential womb wellness.
  • We will explore key teachings of ancient womb wisdom and address your lifestyle mastery from a womb-centric perspective to manifest harmony, fertility and dissolving of uterine fibroids.

Let me help you step into your power. Fibroids are merely, a signal that it is time. Will you answer the call? Grab this jewel, and come out of the forest! You have much more to do, become, and share along your journey!

Simply Click the Sign Up Now Button and Fill out the order form to secure your spot today. Spaces are limited to make sure that I have enough time to give 1-on-1 attention so don’t wait.

Simply commit to yourself and your body, your temple for the next 90 days.

Then Click the Sign Up Link and Fill out the order form to Join my Womb Warriors 90 Day Coaching Program today!


  1. Why 90 days?

Well, because Queen, nature takes time. It took time for your body to develop and create a solid structure that became a uterine fibroid, in your sacred space -your womb- out of nothingness. So it’s only natural to commit to a minimum amount of time (3 months) to give your body, your creative throne, your womb the best possible scenario to manifest natural fibroid elimination, balance, peace and harmony.

90 Days is the minimum recommended time frame to see results when working to shrink fibroids naturally. I want position you to have the best outcome possible, so the 3 month Program is the best way for me to assist you in manifesting that in your life -or at least instilling in you the proper protocol within that time frame as continue forward on your own natural fibroid elimination journey.

Should you wish to continue after the 90 days, (as many other Goddesses do to prevent them from returning) you will then be able to do so month-to-month, with no obligations and (after the initial 3 months of billing) you may cancel at any time.

If you feel, led to collect these jewels and are ready to unlock your very own fibroid freedom toolkit step further into your power, I am sure you will be delighted at the gifts I have to share with you directly discovered from mother nature. I believe that we are given obstacles -or- mountains to climb so that once we “conquer” them -more reward is unlocked by sharing our story of how we conquered them with others. With my expertise, you will be learning from a wombman, sister, and stepping into a circle of restoration and empowerment.

And yes, I have maintained natural fibroid freedom since I became fibroid free, which proves that my protocol gets results. As soon as the fibroid fell out, my period instantly returned back to a normal flow.

It took work, it took time, it took patience.. but most importantly it took! My efforts and what I developed into my Fibroid Freedom Toolkit .. took! They all work together to eliminate fibroids 100% naturally.

Are you ready to regain control, harness your divine power, and start actively shrinking uterine fibroids?

2. Can you promise me that I’ll be Fibroid Free?

Your natural ability to shrink fibroids is based on your level of commitment to apply the knowledge that I will be giving to you in the program. Nature is in charge, and can only work to the degree or level of work that YOU are willing to put in with: plant based eating, detoxing, herbs and supplements, self-care, mindset shifting. I had no idea when I would naturally succeed at fibroid elimination -all I had was my commitment to applying the habits to a healthier lifestyle. These are the actions that I share with you.  Mother nature is not on my time clock or yours, she will not be convenient, but if you commit and connect regularly natural fibroid freedom is possible. (The closer you can be at eating 100% vegan, with the supplements, emotional detox, body detox etc the closer you can get to creating fibroid freedom a lot quicker!)

In harmonious health!

Cecili Simmons

PS- Spaces are limited so that I can focus on a select few womb warriors at a time, so don’t wait!


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