How to Shrink Uterine Fibroids: START HERE

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR!! HAPPY 2018!

I’m expecting to hear reports that I have successfully helped MORE women heal fibroids naturally this year. So as #GOALGETTER and an aries, I’m hitting the ground running! I have alot of natural fibroid healing info in store for you this year so.. I decided to start off with a START HERE post. I get this question alot so this for all of the women who just found out about me.. to help you if you’re trying to figure out how to begin…

I am writing this post as a guide to beginning your own natural fibroid healing regimen.

If you have already decided to go the natural route to get rid of uterine fibroids, but are wondering how  -this post is where I would tell you to begin.

  1. Detox your liver -regularly : Utilize a natural liver detoxifier such as milk thistle, and or dandelion tea to address liver support and assist the liver function properly to expel the excess estrogen fromt your body. Other detox methods that are free, and effective include started each day with 1 glass of room temperature water with fresh squeezed lemon juice. **For more ways to safely, gently detox your organs, and various bodily systems.. take my course. “Your Fibroid Freedom Toolkit: Herbs and Supplements to Naturally Shrink Fibroids”
  2. Eat a plant-based diet comprised of organic, pesticide free fruits and vegetables at least 75% of the time. (If buying organic is an issue due to price seek out local farmers markets and suppliers for fresh produce and vinegar wash your produce before consuming) Refer to the dirty dozen and clean fifteen updated lists regularly for the most current list of which produce is least harmful to buy conventionally grown (non-organic)
  3. If you do eat meat or any animal products make sure they are 100% organic, hormone free
  4. Supplement with Vitex (chasteberry) To assist with hormone balance, and womb wellness, period regulation, and to promote/prolong fertility. This herb changed my life! PMS problems disappeared after I started Vitex! (Order my fibroid healing tea for the exact blend I used when I was naturally healing uterine fibroids)
  5. Address Stress – When I found out I had fibroids, I went back over my life and found countless situations that seemed to be the perfect storm -the perfect recipe for creating a comfy enviroment for uterine fibroids to set up camp in my womb. From the stressful acting program I was in, to living in a highly polluted area, to self-imposed stress from personal pursuits, juggling feelings of wanting a family yet conflicting feelings of wanting a successful career, toxic foods, lots of wine, repressed emotion -etc all led to me developing fibroids.
  6. Do Xenoestrogen Audit – Check your medicine cabinet and kitchen cabinets for toxic ingredients that you may be ingesting or putting on your body in the form of beauty products, or convenience foods. Switch out shampoos and conditioners to all natural, 100% organic ingredients. Remember you skin is your largest organ, and if you’re putting it on your skin you’re absorbing it directly into your blood stream.
  7. Drink Lots of Water – Water or lack of proper hydration is the underlying cause for many ailments and bodily dysfunctions. In some cases many of us and sufficiently tilt the scales in our favor with healing naturally by simply drinking enough water.. not to trivialize anyone’s personal health situation.. but drinking enough water will certainly support your body’s natural healing processes, and assist in detox and healthy waste elimination.
  8. Take a Probiotic – The proper probiotic will change your life! From assisting you with staying regular to, supporting waste elimination, helping your body effectively eliminate the excess estrogen, and other toxins that cause uterine fibroids.. to supporting a you having healthy balanced hormones and overall womb wellness. Probiotics are a critical part of natural fibroid elimination.
  9. Ditch Tampons– Let’s be honest, at this point, tampons don’t even work anyway.. but seriously, having fibroids is a signal that your womb needs to breathe. I believe that we need to support the energy flow to and from our womb. For me personally, once I found out i had uterine fibroids, subconsciously I felt that using a tampon, promotes a “plugging-up” or stifling kind of message to my womb. I felt led to stop using tampons, and communicate to my womb that extra attention was being given to proper flow of energy with positive energy in, and also mental support to let any negative, or unnecessary energy/emotion out.
  10. Cut off non-sacred sexual relationships – We all want to be loved. Everyone -men and women. However, we are all crying out for love in a multitude of different ways. Consciously and subconsciouly. Engaging in “hook-ups” or “FWB” or any sexual activity where we are giving of ourselves intimately without the underlying support of love, opens up “holes” or areas of imbalance that cry out to be filled in other ways.. whether we chose to admit or not.. Giving of yourself physically in a non-sacred sexual relationship is a recipe for energy imbalance — that can manifest as physical illness.
  11. Get real with yourself – check your areas of excess (Think vices: alcohol, smoking, sugar, gmo foods, fast foods, etc etc) Basically we are all different and have different likes and dislikes. What area (foods, drink, activities) do you engage in that you know you tend to go overboard a little too much that could be causing hormonal imbalance and feeding uterine fibroids? Be honest with this one as it’s usually your answer for how you can make the best progress first with naturally shrinking fibroids, and seeing results with hormone balance.

Hope this helps! If it does let me know in the comments 🙂


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  1. Judy March 28, 2018 at 3:56 pm

    Thank you so much for this beginners guide on what to do. A lot of natural healers just sell their products its nice you are giving ppl really steps they can take

    1. Cecili April 30, 2018 at 11:32 am

      I’m glad you find this useful Judy! I am a natural fibroid elimination coach, and while I do also offer services to assist women with setting up a full herb and supplement regimen to shrink fibroids naturally, I also want to be able to contribute info that other women who choose the solo route can apply and start seeing results in their lives as well 🙂

  2. Andrea Fer January 3, 2019 at 1:41 pm

    Good Afternoon..need help with a plan for setting up full a herb and supplement regimen to shrink fibroids naturally..Thank uou

    1. Cecili January 14, 2019 at 2:41 pm

      Hello Andrea,
      I offer private 1 hour consultations for $92 where you can ask me specific questions regarding natural fibroid elimination..
      They area also available in multiple coaching sessions at a discount (5 sessions for $375) -OR-
      Also, I have a space left in my 1-on-1 90 Day Fibroid Elimination Coaching Program.. if you’re interested let me know.


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