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The Wonderful, Fibroid-Shrinking Benefits of Hemp Protein

There is much discussion about the hemp oil being the “cure” for fibroids, but not much about the benefits of hemp protein and it’s many anti-tumor effects. In the early days of having uterine fibroids I immediately ran out to buy hemp oil, but didn’t notice any major differences so eventually I stopped taking it. I do still believe there were some benefits associated with the hemp oil, but I am much more of a advocate of the use of hemp protein as a cure for fibroid tumors. I instantly noticed good improvements with the flooding, (heavy bleeding) pain, energy levels anemic related issues.

I recommend starting off slow with the hemp protein, as it is very earthy, pungent and tastes EXACTLY like it looks -green! LOL I’ll admit I was initially put off by the flavor in comparison to the usual strawberry and vanilla whey protein options I usually added to my daily smoothies, but the potential healing benefits made the flavor absolutely delicious!

Why I was drawn to hemp protein and A little about hemp protein and it’s benefits:

  • It’s 100% vegan. It’s all plant-based. So I was immediately led to incorporate it into my daily smoothie.
  • Hemp itself is a crop that can be farmed largely without the use of pesticides or fertilizers which meant more natural electric, alkaline love for my womb.
  • Hemp protein contains 21 of the known amino acids, out the 21, 9 are unable to be produced by the body and are normally only accessed through dairy products! Hemp protein also contains powerful BCAA’s ¬†(branch chain amino acids) which make it great for vegan bodybuilders, athletes and yogis. (including leucine, isoleucine and valine)

A major game changer in your fibroid healing journey with hemp protein is that it also has a significant amount of Iron, Fiber, Magnesium AND Potassium! This is what made me make the hemp protein switch alone. When dealing with fibroid tumors and all of the disrupting symptoms and effects that they bring, from flooding through your clothes, bed sheets, blood clots, anemia and muscle cramps the fact that hemp protein packs 4 major natural elements that combat and addresses ALL of these should make you jump and re-stock your pantry with hemp protein today.

The fiber is crucial in order to help the body eliminate waste effectively through the colon and your regularity. The Iron is the direct cure for the anemia due to heavy blood loss from the fibroid in the first place! The potassium helps regulate water and mineral levels in the body. Magnesium helps to relieve cramping and muscle tensions associated with pms.

Last but definitely not least, hemp protein is an excellent way to get your protein in, and detox your liver leading to estrogen balance and ultimately shrinking fibroids. I could go on and on about the wonderful results I immediately gained by adding hemp protein as my sole source of protein on my journey to naturally eliminating fibroids, but I encourage you to try it for yourself and let me know the benefits you notice instead!

My recommended brands: Nutiva Organix Hemp Protein, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein.. and there are probably others so do your research and make sure the brand you choose is Organic and non-GMO!


2 thoughts on “The Wonderful, Fibroid-Shrinking Benefits of Hemp Protein

  1. Thanks for the great information Cecili! I recently confirmed that fibroids are the reason for my severe anemia and in all my research so far, I have only heard one other person mention hemp protein. I’m really glad to hear you talk about the benefits and will definitely include it in my smoothies.

    The doctor I consulted with recommend surgery (a hysterectomy) automatically or using a newer drug that would costs $900 every three months. When I asked about any natural alternatives the conversation went down hill really fast so I knew I was on my own. This walk can feel very overwhelming so thanks again for sharing your experiences.

    Keep the great information coming! Luv n Blessings

    1. Hi KT! Sorry for the delay! I am glad that you are finding my info helpful and I am working on alot more!
      Yes, the fibroids diagnosis can be daunting, unfortunately when it come to natural elimination you have to
      face the journey alone.. That’s what it was like for me, and why I decided to share my story. There is hope..
      Nutrition, Supplementation, Stress-Management, Movement in the form of a sound regimen are crucial! Please
      refer to any of my videos on my facebook –
      http://www.facebook.com/fibroidfreedom and Let us know if you have any
      more questions or want to discuss private coaching, or my online course!
      For the best on up to date recipes, info on courses and blog posts make sure you’re on my email list!
      Sending you much love and womb wellness vibes!

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